Despite our wealth and comforts, half of us will have some kind of mental health problem at some point, with depression, anxiety, alcoholism and eating disorders topping the list. 

The World Health Organisation has worked out that depression will be the second most burdensome disorder on Earth by 2020 and other mental health problems will be in the top ten…

My work as a photographer tends to demonstrate urban loneliness. This is artistic research based on our lives in big cities. With an artistic approach of every day scenes we’d rather avoid. We’ve been educated to believe that our society is the best in the world, to believe that our system provides us with what we need: a roof, a job, a social network and a family. But we have forgotten one tiny detail: we also need care, we need to belong, to be an active part of a strong community… In addition to my photographs I also do artistic research regarding social issues and taboos (socialorienteddesign.com)



Contact: yann@yannc.com

DOB: 02-03-1971
CMR: Mostly Fuji
THR: a couple of lenses
FVRT: streets
WRK: Associate Professor, graphic design, at Westerdals School of Communication (Oslo, Norway)
WRK2: Founder of Social Oriented Design
PST: Art-Director, Creative Leader and Graphic Designer at Bates Oslo from 1997 to 2000. AD/Designer at Heaven (co-owner, founder) from 2000 to 2009.
LS: a lot of things that I should have finished two days ago and a lot of things that I´d like to do in two days time…

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Privacy is defined as “the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.” Obviously, it would be objectively unreasonable to expect privacy on a city street or on a crowded subway. So, when someone claims that anyone may take photographs of whatever they want when they are in a public place, another way of saying that the privacy right of a person doesn’t apply unless that person has a reasonable expectation of privacy. Put more directly, you have given up any expectation that you cannot be “observed or disturbed by other people” by virtue of entering a public space or being in a position where you can be seen by others in a public space. And that is why when in a public space, a street photographer can take a picture of anything he or she can see from that vantage point, even including subjects on private property, so long as they are within public view. For example, a photographer would be free to photograph a couple sitting on a restaurant patio, or even inside the restaurant through a window, so long as the photographer is on public property.

PS: If any of my photograph generates any inconvenience to you or your family please contact me and I will remove it right away.