It is interesting to witness human acting like Chihuahua. Sooner or later we all experience this kind of behaviour coming from a friend, a colleague… or ourselves even (yes, nobody’s perfect). The Chihuahua-syndrome is the result of a specific behaviour that leads someone to attack when feeling in a position of weakness for no specific reason but being insecure and, nevertheless, threaten because of his/her lack of skills-knowledge and lack of personal self-esteem. A kind of animal-instinct-based reaction: “I’m in doubt, feel overexposed to a potential danger = attack to protect myself from an uncomfortable situation”.  Fairly immature if you ask me but so funny as well. Yes, I love witnessing people being in a Chihuahua-state-of-mind, they look like chickens!

PS: By the way, cats don’t give a damn so please keep “Chihuahuaing” as much as you want, I enjoy it.


Sometimes, often actually, people ask me how I’m doing. My answer is always: fine, I’m doing fine. What else should I answer? I’m fine. I have my “moments”, when I feel lost, insecure. When I feel that I don’t belong, that I’m a total failure. When my teenage-romantic-brain takes over my rational-be-adult one. When the flow of information coming from all over the world makes me sick, sad… When, when, when…

At the end I look back, look at the things I’ve done and realise that, well, I haven’t done too bad so far. I’ve been lucky, very lucky. A friend of mine, 25 years ago, called me a cat. She said to me: “what ever you do, what ever is happening to you, you always land on your feet”. True, very true indeed.

I loved, I love and I am loved. Nothing else really matters.


Some may say that I meant “week-end”, nope I’m actually saying “weak end”. Turning my thoughts into something positively positive, or not. I’m not even sure myself. Some days ago I posted the following update on my FB page: “I want to make a book, to design a book. A book about absurdity, a book that no one will read, no one would care about. A tribute to ignorance, a tribute to selfishness and money. A tribute to self-importance, arrogance and (why not) sex. Something human.”

Well I would love to be able to do it, for real. Question of ethic, rights and, nevertheless, a question connected to a complete lack of trust and hope regarding a society that instead of believing in goods rather reward mediocrity, laziness, hypocrisy and stupidity. I’m not better, well,… actually (even though I may sound arrogant), yes I am better. Not much but at least I fucking care and believe that there is no result without passion, no life without passion. Why the fuck am I writing this on a Sunday at 17:30? I’m not sure, but I can’t help thinking about something Charles Bukowski said:

“How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 8:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so? ”

Promise, I’ll do better next time.


When I feel like writing a review about a camera, the Fuji X70… I’m not a photographer, cameras bored me to death, technical details sound like brain masturbation to me. Some people do love to mesure the size of their gears “mine is bigger than yours”, personally I don’t give a shit as long as I can trust my camera. As long as this silly machine will do what I need it to do: focus, shoot, save in memory card and: be fast, very fast. Nothing more. Anyway, if I do write this little post it is mostly due to the fact that 90% of the reviews that I happened to read were, in my opinion, very often too bombastic. Not neutral enough and too “brand oriented”. Hopefully mine will be as neutral as possible (especially because I’m not getting paid by Fuji to write it) Continue reading


As a student I heavily suffered of the fact that the school system was, always, seeing the mass first and never the individual. Putting all students in the same “box”, applying the same rules to all without even considering that most of the time people do have different needs. How can you look at thousands of students and think that they are all alike… Does it mean that we are all alike, all our lives? Strangely it looks like we are not, but that’s something schools, universities, colleges, do have a tendency to forget because it’s convenient. Can you imagine the amount of extra work (and money) if suddenly the people leading our educational system would have to accept the fact that teachers do have to take care of 30, 50, 100, 500 students for real instead of, like good machines, applying, blindly, a set of rules?

This is a madness. In such system it is not much space for education but for brain-washing: adapt or shut the fuck up! Continue reading


I was asked by the people working for the Norwegian magazine “a New Type of Imprint“, to write a short article about the creative process… puzzling subject and unusual request since I’m not a writer or a copywriter but a teacher and a graphic designer. Even more unusual since English isn’t my native language and, well I have to admit it, I still talk, write and think like a French-frog :)

Anyway, here is the first version of the article I painfully wrote during my holidays (text will be adjusted, I hope, by the magazine’s copywriters before getting published) Continue reading


Unusual, unsurprising, unexpected, unwanted, unloved, undeserved, uncured, unaligned, unanimous, unashamed, unbalance, unclear, unwounded, unwritten, unworldly, unripped, unroofed, unscaled, unsaying, … I will, soon or later, die. I’m thinking about it every day, been doing so for the past two years. Not that I’m afraid. It just that I’d rather not die yet. But I’m not the one to decide, I’m not the one, not at all. It’s more or less like a genetic-Russian-roulette. Some of us are supposed to leave earlier than others. That’s the way. What can I do? Not much actually. I can’t fight life. But I still can be myself. It may sound silly, stupid. A big fucking cliché, I know, but… what’s the point, where’s the pleasure if I follow the rules? I’m not free, none of us are, but at least I’m still able to say what ever I feel like saying. And I’m planning to keep doing it till I die.

designing_for designers

Graphic design is not a science. Nothing is really defined. There are rules of course, but they’re more likely to be seen as guidelines. Graphic designers are problem solvers. To solve a problem one must understand it, frame it. To do so it means that the subject, and the idea, must be investigated as much as possible. Graphic design is, in my opinion, highly connected to sociology as well. If a designer is not able to understand the environment he/she lives in or understand human behaviour, habits, life styles and social patterns – then a designer can not possibly design. His/her work will simply not communicate anything to their target group because they don’t know what to communicate. Today we can see a lot of items designed by graphic designers for graphic designers. Ridiculously good looking, but totally pointless. This kind of work is very interesting from a graphic designer/visual researcher’s point of view, but it has a tendency to forget the primary goal of graphic design: to communicate.

Graphic design is not a sport, but a set of tools and skills that allow us to do a specific work to solve a specific problem…


To blame the client. It’s something that happens from time to time: “it’s not our fault, the client wanted it that way”. If you work in a very small structure or as a freelancer you may have to follow your client’s wishes even though they’re not as relevant as they should be. But if you work for a big agency this shouldn’t happen. I perfectly remember having troubles sometimes with some clients. Of course, they’re paying and they want to be heard. But with a good team and, nevertheless, the right arguments, you can always convince a client that he/her ideas aren’t the most relevant according to what they’re trying to achieve.  They are working with us to be guided through a very specific process. If ideas are good enough then problems don’t show that easily.

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I might be just like a puppy with a fresh bone. I might also have a very bad temper, act like a petulant child even. Yes, that’s the way I am. But I’m also a never ending naïve, pursuing a kind of quest: I want to understand as much as I can (some people are looking for the Holy Grail, I’m looking for answers. My expectations aren’t that big as you can see). So, when I did check my email on my way back from work a specific message managed to put  a big fat smile up my face, not an ironic one, no: a real smile of happiness (hey! I’m French, I’m not supposed to smile!). It felt good, my previous blogpost was getting answered.

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You might think that I’m just like a puppy with a fresh bone, never letting go. You might even believe that I’m bitter, an old fart… Well, no. But one of my problems is that I’m too honest (and I also don’t give a shit) to put “two fingers in between”, to worship any type of work because made by some kind of “hot agency”.  Who’s hot today gonna be very cold tomorrow.

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