Sometimes, often actually, people ask me how I’m doing. My answer is always: fine, I’m doing fine. What else should I answer? I’m fine. I have my “moments”, when I feel lost, insecure. When I feel that I don’t belong, that I’m a total failure. When my teenage-romantic-brain takes over my rational-be-adult one. When the flow of information coming from all over the world makes me sick, sad… When, when, when…

At the end I look back, look at the things I’ve done and realise that, well, I haven’t done too bad so far. I’ve been lucky, very lucky. A friend of mine, 25 years ago, called me a cat. She said to me: “what ever you do, what ever is happening to you, you always land on your feet”. True, very true indeed.

I loved, I love and I am loved. Nothing else really matters.