It is interesting to witness human acting like Chihuahua. Sooner or later we all experience this kind of behaviour coming from a friend, a colleague… or ourselves even (yes, nobody’s perfect). The Chihuahua-syndrome is the result of a specific behaviour that leads someone to attack when feeling in a position of weakness for no specific reason but being insecure and, nevertheless, threaten because of his/her lack of skills-knowledge and lack of personal self-esteem. A kind of animal-instinct-based reaction: “I’m in doubt, feel overexposed to a potential danger = attack to protect myself from an uncomfortable situation”.  Fairly immature if you ask me but so funny as well. Yes, I love witnessing people being in a Chihuahua-state-of-mind, they look like chickens!

PS: By the way, cats don’t give a damn so please keep “Chihuahuaing” as much as you want, I enjoy it.